Wednesday, 27 April 2005

Pick A Side, Any Side

Pick A Side, Any Side
According to The New York Times the founder of Microsoft indicated recently that Microsoft may change its position, again, and support lesbian and gay rights.

Pick a side Bill, any side. Just choose one and stick with it.

Although Microsoft's waffling may seem like a good thing for the lesbian and gay community, it doesn't appear that way to me. I mean, since Microsoft had recently changed its stance after years of supporting the gay community and then abruptly changed it because repressive "Christians" may reduce their financial support by not purchasing Microsoft products any longer, then for Gates to indicate something different... The truth be told: the only thing on Gates' mind is money, not what is right, just and fair...just money.

I think Microsoft has finally divulged where they stand: on the fence. Fence-sitting is the easy way out for those who do not stand for anything at all. Microsoft cannot be trusted as a faithful ally to the gay Christian community. They serve mammon, not God.

Bill Gates has proven time and again that he is loyal to no one but himself (and his money).

Wake up queers. Open your eyes. Otherwise you will be prey to every kind of deception.

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