Monday, 25 April 2005

Microsoft Turns Back On Anti-discrimination Bill

Microsoft's CEO sent an e-mail to employees breaking the news that Microsoft has no intentions of supporting equality for all regardless of sexual orientation because it is not within Microsoft's objectives this year, which is to dominate the software world and make billions more dollars for Bill.

Published on and written by Associated Press writer Elizabeth M. Gillespie on Saturday was the tale of the greedy giant who sat out on the anti-discrimination bill because it would be bad for business. What do you expect from a company built by a man who worships the buck? ...and as we know, will stop at nothing to get it - even a call to do what is right.

Well if queers in Seattle can't even get a bill passed for equitable and fair housing and employment for GLBT persons, then gay marriage seems completely out of the question.

And if Microsoft is saying - in so many words - that it doesn't give a damn about standing up for equal rights because doing so may bring down profit margins then Seattlites may need to take a closer look at their long-time neighbor and ask some important questions.

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